The Melistinn BFF Threaders


It’s our favorite dynamic BFF duo team in an earring form! Who doesn’t love our Mature YouTube Community Besties Melistinn? Umm everybody loves those two and we always feel like we are right there with them don’t we? Of course. This earring is a modification on The Melissa and brings in that same sparkle and simple elegance but in a 1-2-3 punch puts it on steroids for our gals Melissa55 and Kristinn321 …. and The Melistinn is a class act is it not? These BFF’s are Gold and Silver color, gold plated with the most brilliant cubic zirconia stones at the end.

NOTE: Threaders are chains with posts on the ends to thread them through your ears…if you hold the chain & yank on either end it will break off! Don’t do that.

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Gold, Rose Gold, Silver