Gehm On Bling Ball Threader Earrings


Come on you know who these earrings are named for! I love my wonderful generous and sports nut girlfriend on YouTube Kristin Gehm! She has a passion for all things girly AND those that aren’t! Ball Gehms? Oh yes, she knows her way around alright…better than some men but she’s still every bit a girly girl.

So her earring is a blingy ball threader which is perfect for any special girly occasion or a BALL GEHM DAY…SCORE!  Two sizes  the 10mm Pro League Balls and the 8mm College League BallsGEHM ON!

NOTE: Threaders are chains with posts on the ends to thread them through your ears…if you hold the chain & yank on either end it will break off! Don’t do that.

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10mm Crystal Ball, 8mm Crystal Ball