Shake it Up Like Laura


My friend Laura from the channel Shakeup Makeup does a superb job of “Shaking it up” on her channel and I personally think behind the scenes too 😉 I would imagine that Laura is good at no matter what she does. Some people just are the movers and shakers people…she’s one of them! Always bringing us quality tested, tried and true reviews and suggestions so that as maturing women we can still Shake, Rattle & Roll and in an affordable manner! Her earring should do the same! What I wanted for her earring was a burst of unexpected color…its got to be able to “Shake it Up Like Laura”! What can do that? What can hide a multitude of colors unexpectedly in plain site? A Prism! So there you go folks…the earring is a prismatic crystal suspended from a silver ball that changes into the most beautiful of rainbows every single time you turn or shake your head! Go on girl…Shake it Up Like Laura!