The Oh Carol Show – Featuring Paris & Lipstick


Oh Carol…aw my friend, my Saturday morning show. Remember when you were a kid and you got up on Saturday morning to watch the Saturday morning cartoons? Even before breakfast you were glued to the TV watching your Saturday morning shows? That’s been me and Carol for so long. I wake up, roll over, grab the remote and turn on the TV and watch the Oh Carol Show and then I get up and make breakfast for the family! You never really know what you’re going to see there but it’s always fun. She’s the queen of gadgets and boy does she love her lipstick! This I know. Paris has a special meaning to her also but it’s not mine to tell 😉 So…what do you get the woman who has it all?  You get her Paris & Lipstick silly! Here they are everybody…my ode to Carol. The Eiffel Tower & a Tube of Red Lipstick and are they not the cutest earrings ever?