The Melissa Threader Earrings


Have you ever heard the saying “Shine bright like a diamond”? That’s what you are going to see when you look at Melissa…my humble, beautiful, class act,  60+ GORGEOUS inside and out friend on YouTube! She’s known in the beauty community simply as Melissa55.  Melissa is classy, strong, solid in friendship and strong in love. She’s a star that shines bright…like a diamond and this earring I call “The Melissa” is just like her. Classy, bright, outstanding and effervescent! Box chained silver chains that are adorned with a very sparkling crystal at the end. Absolutely stunning no matter how you choose to wear them. This is an earring every woman should own. OPTIONAL: Sometimes ladies with longer hair have a problem with threaders sliding out of their ears unnoticed…stop them with our new Threader Stoppers!


NOTE: Threaders are chains with posts on the ends to thread them through your ears…if you hold the chain & yank on the post or force bend the post at the end of the chain it will break off! Don’t do that.

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