In 3-2-1 Go Kristinn


Yup it’s a cute play on the title of my friend MsKristinn321 channel name. A colorful trendy lady and everybody’s  favorite Georgia Peach…she has a special place in my heart! Sometimes the wait is worth it and I think I’ve finally got the earring that captures my friend and it’s on trend! #WorldsGreatestRhymer! I’m not sure if it’s understood that I don’t just choose these earrings willy nilly but rather wait for the piece that really speaks to me about the person they are named for and these do that for me. I love Kristinn’s chic and laid back but yet always fashion forward style and these are her. These are gold in color plastic hoops (not going to tarnish), served up on a wire with soft and lightweight multi colored tassels and have such a noticeable swing to them! They are SO light you won’t feel them pulling at all! Come on you know you want to become Kristinn … In 3-2-1 Go Kristinn!